There is such a huge range of everyday situations that lead us to stress: moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone, ending a relationship, having a ton of work dumped on your desk on a Friday afternoon when you promised the kids you’d be taking them out to the park all weekend, even dyeing your hair the wrong color.

And the kicker is that when you feel one stress, within seconds it can quickly multiply. Sometimes stress can keep your mind so busy you don’t know the problem is stress until you’re lying in bed at night unable to sleep.

What is the emotional weight of all your stress and its resulting mood, and how is it manifesting in your physical body? Numerous studies have shown over and over again how stress can leave you emotionally depleted and physically incapacitated. It’s one of the reasons why people turn to self-medication and habits they know are unhealthy and self-destructive: The stress is so painful and can become so overwhelming that it can turn into a chronic condition with devastating results.

What’s so amazing, however, about this whole stress mess is that stress can actually be healthy for you. After all, your bones need stress-bearing exercises, like Squats and Push-Ups, to remain strong. And your mind needs stress to remain sharp and tough.

The flow of the Stress Workout is designed to lighten the emotional weight of stress while making you feel supported. Most of the routine uses a wall for support and its contemplative structure is specifically designed to help restore calm to your breathing and your entire being.

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