I recently came across this video by Jubilee Project that I loved and wanted to share with everyone:


The video shows a number of adults that were asked what they would like to change about their body. Answers included, ears (because the owner of these ears was made fun of as a kid), forehead (because the owner of this forehead used to be teased and called ‘fivehead’ as a little girl), bigger eyes, better skin, taller… the list goes on, you get the idea.

Then, kids were asked the same question. Their answers? “A mermaid tail,” “I want legs like a cheetah so I can run as faster like a cheetah,” and my favorite: “a shark mouth, so I could eat a lot of stuff.”

The video is such a great example of how we have the power to interpret what weight and and body image means to us and the prevalence of emotional weight.
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It would be so fantastic if we could follow these kids into adulthood and see if society's mass interpre‎tation of weight has an unfortunate effect on their wonderful body image. 
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: ) Rupa