Happy New Year and welcome to the brand new Nalini Method website!

We are beyond excited to have you join us online.

Whether it be a request for DVDs or a franchise inquiry, I have been approached over the years by many looking for an option to enjoy and do the workout outside of our studio doors. This website is the answer to that enthusiasm and our goal is to capture the value of our special boutique experience on a larger platform.

On The Class [link] page, you’ll find tons of signature Nalini ideas to stay physically and emotionally healthy. We’ll have monthly workout videos, tips for correct form and my favorite, a weekly video called #ConnectwithRupa, where I answer any questions you might ask me if you were in our NYC studio.

I am so fortunate that Nalini Method represents many things both for myself and others. From the Upper West Side studio to the NaliniKIDS schools in Brooklyn, this small boutique business has grown to represent values, variety, friendship, accountability, small business, family and countless other great qualities that I encounter on a daily basis through such wonderful people.

I would be honored to create new connections and bring more of you into our wonderful little community!  

: ) Rupa