“I feel fat.”

This is the most popular phrase I hear as a fitness instructor. Why is “fat” the go-to word when we’re talking about our appearance?  

Think about it. What makes a person fat? The answer may surprise you.

For the last fifteen years, I’ve met thousands of slim and fit clients who still feel fat. They might be in shape, but whatever is pressing on them emotionally seems to pack on an additional hundred pounds. Even if they work out all day long, the weight of their emotions makes them feel fat.

These clients suffer from what I’d like to phrase, emotional obesity.

If they could get on a scale that measured their emotional weight, they’d be shocked. They have no idea how much their negative emotions have added a discouraging heaviness to their lives. One that they (and all of us) live with, and one that the outside world sees, too.  

These clients aren’t the only ones suffering from emotional obesity. It’s at epidemic levels in this country—but that is about to change.  

Our goal at Nalini Method is to deal with both emotional and physical weight and empower people - young and old, slim and heavy - on how to get rid of it.

Nalini Method workouts will not only transform your body but also your feelings, outlook, and emotional well-being. It is about finding that balance and having it work for you.

Just as you do exercises for your physical body, you can do mental exercises along with them. Not only that, but you can do both in a very short amount of time that will not only change your immediate mood and your day, but your life.

If you do these workouts regularly, you’ll get a great physical workout while simultaneously completing the mental work needed to live a happy, “light” life.

Toned thighs and a toned mood—that’s what I call success! 

: ) Rupa