A great question we've all likely wondered at some point, Vivianne asks:

Q: Should I stretch before, after or during my workout?

Rupa: I'll be honest with you, I don't completely know 100% the answer. I've read so many different articles and seen so many people experience different things so I think you have to test it out for yourself.

On top of that, I would say make sure you get a good quality stretch. Going back to form, feel the stretch. So when you're doing say quad stretch after a run, don't just stay there for 2 seconds. Really tap into it. Create resistance. Breathe into it. Make sure you're feeling the targeted areas and that's going to empower your workout whether it's before or after.


An added tip: If you are doing any strengthening work, stretch immediately after! It's a great practice to elongate your muscles after you've applied tension. We do this in every Nalini Method class! : )

In the mood to stretch now? Be sure to check out our lower body stretch routine!

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