A very warm welcome to Susie Moore’s community!

Any friend of Susie’s is a friend of mine and I’m truly grateful you’ve decided to learn more about my new book, The Nalini Method: 7 Workouts for 7 Moods!
Susie’s focus is to help her clients lead more fulfilling lives and I think this book will do just that.

As a fitness instructor for over 17 years, I’ve met so many people who are technically in shape and have amazing bodies, but they have a lot of emotional weight.
The Nalini Method will show you how to identify and allow you to manage not only your physical weight, but your emotional weight as well. I like to call it a unique combination of mental and physical push-ups.

In this book, the overall goal is to help you acknowledge how you feel, then pick a coordinating workout to complement that mood. Each workout is associated to a different mantra that helps that state of mind in particular. Then you’ll find a series of strength exercises and stretches that bring that mantra to life and help you embrace that mood. It’s the physical manifestation and channeling of that mood. It’s an important concept that is missing from most traditional workouts and without taking that step, we keep ourselves from living our most fulfilling lives.

 As a special treat for Susie’s readers who purchase the book in January, I’m offering a few special bonuses! Check out the details below 🙂

– Rupa

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