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If you pre-order 1 copy of the book before January 5th, you’ll receive:

Mood Food Snacks
the snack (and recipe) that is best for your body

Click here to pre-order 1 copy, then email your receipt to bookbonus@nalinimethod.com with “Pre-order #1” in the subject.


If you pre-order 5 copies before January 5th, you’ll receive:

Mood Food Snacks PLUS:

1 Months of Workouts
3 Nalini Method workouts / week delivered straight to your inbox

Click here to pre-order 5 copies, then email your receipt to bookbonus@nalinimethod.com with “Pre-order #2” in the subject.


The choose-your-own bonus:

Maybe you have a better idea for a bonus? Make me an offer of how many books you’d preorder for it!
(Hint: these books will make great gifts for friends, family and colleagues - start with more than 15)

I've spoken at conferences and panels, I've taught at retreats and company getaways. I've even played basketball and done music videos with an emotional weight twist!  All of that is on the the table. Want to work together? Want me to advise your small business or wellness group? Do you want a daylong personal training session?

Whether you'd like me share how to balance emotional weight, teach an exercise class or speak on entrepreneurship, I'm confident we can find a stellar bonus for you. Let me know what you have in mind, I'd love to make something big happen with you!

Put “Choose Your Own pre-order” in the subject line and email bookbonus@nalinimethod.com and I’d love to talk.

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To get these bonuses, all you have to do is email bookbonus@nalinimethod.com
with the subject line preorder #1, #2, or #3 (depending on which one you choose), and a screenshot of your receipt. Bonuses will be sent within 24 hours.


You can buy the book anywhere, including through the following links:

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