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Ordering Information


Nalini Method books & merchandise is located in the MMAC building on the Upper West Side, New York City. Visit our blog to find out more about our current events and upcoming projects.


Shipping costs are calculated based on your location and the weight of the shipment. You can also select from various service levels for faster shipping options if desired. Customs charges are the responsibility of the customer. When placing your order, please double-check your mailing address. Thank you.


Payments can be made securely via Paypal or credit card. No Paypal account is required to complete the transaction. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. If you prefer, you can convert the currency to US dollars during the Paypal transaction.


In the event of a damaged shipment, please notify us. We will ask that either the item be returned or that you send us a digital photo as documentation. We will then send a replacement item or a refund.

Nalini Method
#204 - 100, 7th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2P 0W4

Thank you.

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